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Unhappy with cartoon





Subject: July 30 Opinion Page 


Mike Luckovich 


Atlanta Journal 


Not a cartoon, It is ignorant 




When I could believe what I saw first I was shocked, second I was angry, third I decided never to purchase your newspaper again and also stop shopping in Columbus. 


As a newcomer to your state all the complimentary things I have written to family and friends about Mississippi evaporated. Shame on you. I am so disappointed in you. 


Today I visited your Visitor Bureau. A lovely, gracious volunteer restored my faith and love of your city. 


M.A. Flanagan, Aberdeen



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Reader Comments

Article Comment Melody commented at 8/6/2009 11:07:00 PM:

Sorry you were shocked and had such a hissy fit over a silly little cartoon. Did you move here from a cave somewhere? Get a grip why don't you and-
Welcome to the 21st century.


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