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Voice of the people: Lee Jones Hackett



Voting ordeal 


My brows twitched and I muttered "ooooohhh" after reading Selden Lambert's letter to the editor Sunday, June 9. Ms. Lambert's description of her day at the polls was practically word for word what I experienced. I had to repeat my name multiple times, spell my name multiple times, repeat my name again numerous times, was sent to another table where another woman asked me my name no less than five times, then, the same woman stated she had to call "to fine out what was going on."  


She placed a call to someone. She mumbled the line was busy. She finally, after three attempts, got someone on the phone, and I was then told I had to go to Carrier Lodge to vote. I have voted at Mitchell for years until we were sent to the Townsend Community Center. I then proceeded to Carrier Lodge and cast my vote. Finally. Whew. Glad I didn't try to vote during my half-hour lunch break. Think I will take a reporter next time I vote, too. 


Lee Jones Hackett 





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