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Our view: Celebrate Father's Day, if you insist ...




Sunday is Father's Day or, as the nation's florists like to call it, "vacation." 


If Father's Day does not typically produce the depth of emotion that always accompanies Mother's Day, it should not be taken as proof that moms are more loved or more important than dads. 


It's just that, well, Mother's Day is a really tough act to follow. 


The whole history of the two holidays illustrate the point. 


While Mother's Day observances date to the Civil War era and became an officially recognized national holiday in 1914, the origin of Father's Day is a much more recent development. While the state of Washington held a Father's Day observance in 1910, the notion that Father's should be honored with a day of their own sort of wandered around aimlessly for another six decades before anybody got around to making it official. Father's Day did not become a national holiday until 1972. 


Poor dad, huh? 


Well, not really.  


As a both a dad and a son, the author of this editorial approaches this subject from a position of authority. As such, he can assure readers that most fathers are not at all offended that Father's Day is not viewed with the same outpouring of gratitude and emotion that accompanies Mother's Day. 


Truth is, if the country had never gotten around to making Father's Day an official holiday, that would be all right with us.  


It is not as though we do not enjoy being acknowledged by our children for all the things we do. It is not as though we do not recognize our own importance in their lives. It's not that we don't like to getting a card, a necktie, a shirt or a power tool to mark the occasion. 


All we're saying is that you don't need to make a big production of out it, you know? 


It is only fitting and proper to make Mom a queen on Mother's Day and shower her with affection as we place her on her well-deserved pedestal. But dads are a little uncomfortable sitting in the place of honor. No pedestal for us. If we had our way, we'd much prefer to just sit on the sofa with our belts unbuckled.  


A simple "Thanks, Dad" or "Love you, Dad!" suits us just fine. No need to get mushy about it, after all. 


Yes, when compared to Mother's Day, Father's Day is a decidedly understated holiday. 


Know what? We kinda like it that way. 


So Happy Father's Day, guys. 


Feel free to take a nap.  




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