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Ben C. Toledano: When race trumps reason




How unfortunate that once more a prominent part of the black community appears to consider race the determining factor in matters of public interest and concern. Seemingly, we are at a point where the race of the local superintendent of schools is more important than the quality of education made available to the schoolchildren. 


Prior to a recent school board meeting, board president Ms. Carrie Fisher encouraged members of the NAACP and the local chapter of 100 Black Women to attend the meeting because Ms. Martha Liddell, the now-terminated school superintendent, is black. The pretense was to "show our support for equal rights and advancement ... for African American females." However, equal rights do not necessarily lead to advancement on the merits; they do create opportunities but they don't guarantee results. 


The academic quality of our schools depends upon the employment of our best teachers and administrators regardless of race or any other natural distinction. Until such time as education is completely removed from politics, racial or otherwise, our schoolchildren will be uneducated and, for the most part, unemployable. 


Ben C. Toledano 






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