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Paul Ackerman: Project manager or political crony?




One of Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary definitions for "politician" is "often one primarily interested in political offices or the profits from them as a source of private gain." 


Would this definition perhaps fit the new Columbus Project Manager hire"? He has not run for political office nor has he been elected to political office yet he appears to be in line for "profits from" ... "as a source of private gain" due to his recent appointment to that new position. 


However, the mayor and three of the Columbus City Council have done just that, appointing the Mayor's campaign manager to the unadvertised new position of project manager, he the one whose qualifications for such a new position are unknown other than that he was the mayor's campaign manager. 


Does this new position require a degree? Does it perhaps require some specific years of relevant work experience as a project manager? Just exactly what are the requirements for such a lofty position? But much more importantly, what will the salary be for this new unadvertised position of unspecified qualifications? 


The Commercial Dispatch (July 5, 2013; p 6A) stated that the "board voted Tuesday night for proposals for city engineer"; would you perhaps just like to hope that this position will be filled by an engineer? Or perhaps would a campaign manager "politician" be good enough to be named to the position of city engineer? 


Why then would you seek proposals for a city engineer but not for a new project manager position? 


Perhaps, just perhaps, it has a whole lot to do with that definition for "politician," as mentioned above. 


Paul Ackerman 





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