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Voice of the people: LeKesha Perry




Fostering a healthy parks system 


I would like to thank Alderman Scott Maynard and the entire board for their vote of confidence and trust. As one of your newest park commissioners, I hope to earn that same confidence and trust from you, the residents of Starkville. A healthy parks system has numerous benefits, including enhancing tourism, improving health outcomes, providing safe spaces to play, increasing play opportunities, as well as other psychological and social benefits. A healthy parks system should also be accountable, equitable, responsive and transparent. We deserve the best!  


To continue to provide you with the best, I would greatly appreciate your feedback and comments. If you see me out, do not hesitate to speak to me - I always look forward to meeting new friends, but more importantly, I look forward to being a good steward of our resources so that our children and families can experience a healthy, viable parks system for decades to come. 


LeKesha Perry 


Park Commissioner, Ward 5, Starkville 


[email protected]



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