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Voice of the people: Berry Hinds




More discussion needed at school board 


Last night most people will probably latch on to the grievance expressed by Mrs. Fischer as the most important event of the meeting and the future may show that to be the case. To me the most important event was the "Such matters that may come before the board 2." President Spears requested that the board members express the reasons none would second the staff/personnel item for approval. Ms. Verdell and Mrs. Fischer were the only two to express their concern. It was refreshing to me to see this discussion take place.  


I have watched this board for the last few months and see the same board members voting against paying the docket of claims without verbalizing their issues. What is the principled reason for this stance on the docket? The public, as a stakeholder in the school system, needs to hear this discussion to understand why a board member would vote every meeting against the docket. This is only a example of the lack of board members articulating their positions on items to be acted on by this board. 


The position of vice-president of this board is vacant with two of the board members declining to serve when nominated at a meeting. I believe they have the following choices: 1. If none are willing to serve then nominate the current secretary for vice-president and vote on it and then name a new secretary. 2. One of the two who have refused the vice-president position can decide to serve and be selected by the body. 3. Return the past president to a position of leadership. Only the board can decide which is best, but they must decide. 


Berry Hinds 





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