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Voice of the people: Elder Sanders Weatherby Jr.




Railroad crossing closings 


In regards to the recent proposal made by the city council to close certain railroad street crossing on the south side of the City of Columbus: Evidently these councilmen don't realize the importance of these street railroad crossings to the residents who live in these targeted areas. 


I believe one of the reasons why some of the councilmen want to make these changes by closing street railroad crossings in theses areas is because they don't seem to care about the welfare and well-being of the home owners and citizens living in these areas. Another reason for this proposal is these councilmen weren't raised in and around this specified targeted area, and they have no perception of the kind of problems this action will cause these citizens who are directly involved. 


These residents want a free unrestricted access in order to move in and out of their community without having to face any unwarranted physical barriers at these railroad crossing they have been using for years. 


When it comes to solving problems I believe experience is the best teacher. Because, as a child, I was raised up in this area on the south side of the city, and I know the problem. Closing these railroad street crossings will cast a dark shadow upon these communities because the residents here are proud and happy, with beautiful well-kept homes. So why would anyone want to change the condition from better to worse. Whoever came up with this idea needs to turn his thinking cap around and open his eyes to the reality of this unwarranted proposal and, instead, think of something that would be more beneficial, professional and agreeable to the citizens in our beloved City of Columbus. 


Elder Sanders Weatherby Jr. 





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