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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




'Welfare babies' 


So, Mississippi wants cord blood from under-aged teen mothers. Good! Nobody has the "right" to break the law or commit a crime. Some fear these pregnant children will skip medical care to "protect" the fathers of the babies. We have too many welfare babies as it is, and the fathers and mothers of these babies expect the "government," aka the taxpayers, to pay for their failures. No more! Enough is enough. 


That law should be expanded to include all babies born into the welfare system. Identify men who are having multiple babies with multiple children. Identify women who are having multiple babies by multiple men. Publish their names when they are prosecuted. Make vasectomies and tubal legations mandatory punishment. 


Some politicians think or claim they are "helping" minorities by delivering these "freebies" and "rights" and "entitlements." In reality they are perpetuating the welfare class and guaranteeing a steady source of future voters for the liberal class politicians. All politicians, from small town councils all the way to Congress and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, need to grow a spine and do what's right for America instead of Old Number One. Tell the truth or go home to stay. 


Cameron Triplett 





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