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Voice of the People: Pamela Irene Brownlee




Teachers can make a difference 


What teacher had the most impact on your life? 


Mrs. Faye Wright has made the most impact on my life for the past 42 years. She taught me 5th & 6th grade during the early 70s at Stokes-Beard Elementary School. Our classes were departmentalized during those days. Mrs. Wright taught me English, reading and spelling. In December, 1971, Mrs. Wright's father passed away and I found out she is my cousin. I graduated from S. D. Lee High School in 1979 and enrolled at GTVTC (now EMCC at Mayhew) in the fall of 1979. While a student there, I asked Mrs. Wright to tutor me with my speech class as I had to write my speeches. Thankfully, she agreed to help. We have become very close friends over the years. Over the past 42 years, she has corrected me on my grammar so many times. I would get so mad at her when she corrected me because I compared my grammar to others and thought my grammar was not as bad as others.  


A few years ago, a 90-year-old lady started correcting my grammar too. I would laugh when she corrected me. This made me realize how much I appreciate Mrs. Faye Wright so much. Every time I see her I tell her how much I appreciate her as a teacher, cousin, best friend and like a mother.  


I encourage all students, no matter what your age is, to soak in what your teachers are teaching you. Listen and pay attention to them and you will make a difference in someone's life someday. 


Pamela Irene Brownlee 





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