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Voice of the People: Paul J. Ackerman




Suggests praying to St. Jude 


In your article "Canonization" (editor's note: Adele Elliott's Sunday column), you close with the statement that you are "still doing research to find the saint who protects children from nuns with wooden rulers." 


Allow me to see if I can be of some help to you in this serious search? 


Honestly, I would respectfully begin by invoking St. Jude, the Patron Saint of things almost despaired of, to find help for your problem; after all, he is the saint for hopeless cases and, as such, extracting those many slivers which must still be buried in your knuckles shouldn't be too difficult a task for him. For, as you stated it so plaintively, "punishment usually meant a swat across the hands with a wooden ruler"...ouch! 


We are all familiar with the story of Danny Thomas who named the world-famous hospital for kids in Memphis after that same St. Jude. So, since doctors across the world consult with St. Jude on their toughest cases, I have every confidence that they will know how to extricate those splinters. 


May I respectfully suggest, then, that you start your research by praying to St. Jude for help. 


Paul J. Ackerman 





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