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Voice of the People: Jeannetta G. Edwards




'Well done' 


West Point lost a huge chunk of its historical fabric with the passing of John Jackson. Although some may not know, Mr. Jackson was a pioneer.  


He devoted his entire life to championing not only civil rights but fighting for basic human rights as well. His productive and service-filled life was a role model for other leaders to emulate. His entrepreneurial spirit was a shining example of the achievement of "the American dream."  


Always willing to share his experience, knowledge and wisdom, if asked, he could (and would) expound on any topic -- from local politics to world affairs. Somehow, Mr. Jackson always had his finger on the pulse of what was happening.  


His life became steppingstones for future generations. He was a bridge builder for those who would follow -- not just locally, but nationally. For it was upon the shoulders of Mr. Jackson -- and a multitude of other pioneers -- that Barack Obama stood as he was elected president.  


Rest in Peace, Mr. Jackson. For certainly you have "fought a good fight; you have finished the course." Surely, those of us who were touched by your kindness, your loving compassion for the community, your concern for all people, and your wisdom, know that you will be told "Well done, thy good and faithful servant." Well done. 


Jeannetta G. Edwards 


West Point



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