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Story about unfinished house evokes regret 


Should you print this letter you and the paper both will probably receive a certain amount of criticism. However, a very wise man said "if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything." Therefore, I feel compelled to write The Dispatch regarding the recent article "The Ma House." (Aug. 18) 


Mr. McGill is a very good man and his vocation is in real estate but, it is a terrible shame that anyone other than the Ma family should take ownership and live in that home.  


At the time the construction of the home first started there was not one bad word about its being built. Suddenly, according to articles in this newspaper, there were all kinds of inspection infractions and the neighbors were complaining about the height of the home. (Surely they saw its height when the framing went up.) The large home was being constructed to accommodate Mr. and Mrs. Ma's elderly parents, part of the Chinese custom.  


Mr. Ma was more or less forced to seek legal help through the courts. His pleas for redress and time to put in order the alleged infractions fell on deaf ears. This unfriendly situation lead Mr. Ma to feel he and his family had to leave their Columbus business.  


According to the recent article, Mr. McGill states: "There were no leaks. No electrical problems. Not in the whole durn thing. That speaks to the construction right there." (Admittedly, repairs could have been accomplished by a later contractor, but why wasn't Mr. Ma given that opportunity?) At present there doesn't seem to be any neighborly complaints about the height either.  


Those who forced this travesty on such a fine and industrious family should be ashamed. Indeed many of us in Columbus should be ashamed, INCLUDING ME, for abdicating our role to stand up for something ... somebody ... the Ma family.  


Elaine Hegwood 





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