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Voice of the People: Selvain McQueen




A letter from the chief 


It's no secret our community has struggled with crime and other problems common to cities our size and larger. The impact of which has been felt city-wide, and residents in every neighborhood share a common goal of a desire for a safer community. Progress is being made. Columbus has several active neighborhood watch programs as well as many other citizen groups and civic organizations.  


People who live here care about their city and they are continuing to partner with the police department to reduce violence and fight crime.  


As the City of Columbus continues to grow, redevelopment of blighted areas is well underway, and new approaches are being taken to improve city services. We have to focus on the little things such as illegal dumping and blight, timely graffiti abatement, prompt attention to abandoned homes and vehicles.  


We need your help as citizens to share information about who's committing crimes, assisting in getting guns off the streets, making it tougher to buy and sell drugs in our community, and working together more effectively at the neighborhood level. 


As far as I'm concerned, we're a police department that has a lot of growth and will continue to grow. The Columbus Police Department is one of the finest law enforcement agencies in the State, and I'm proud to lead the men and women who make this department extraordinary. 


As we move closer toward the end of yet another year, I would ask that you remain diligent in your efforts to establish a crime-free Columbus. We welcome and encourage your feedback and partnership. The members of the Columbus Police Department, both sworn and civilian are pleased to serve you and ask that you share our pride in our department. 


For any comments, I can be reached by phone at (662) 244-3528 or by email at 


Selvain McQueen 


The writer is Columbus Police Chief.



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