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Voice of the People: Delores Belhumeur




In last Sunday's Dispatch, I notified the "whole world" of my shredded tire at the "hands" of a missing grate on a city drainage inlet at the corner of Main and Ninth.  


My faith in the City of Columbus has been restored.  


Today the Mayor and David Armstrong called me and apologized for the way this went down. The Mayor had just returned from a trip and was surprised when he saw my letter to the editor.  


When he sent me off to get my tire replaced and asked me to submit a bill, he did so with the assured knowledge that the cost of the tire would be refunded to me.  


He was as surprised as I was to learn that a different decision had been handed down from the claims investigator in Indiana. Since the "whole world" learned of my distress, I felt it was only right to let all of you know that all is well.  


The bill will be entered on the claims docket for the city and I will receive my $123. My thanks to all my friends and even people I did not know who felt my frustration and commiserated with me. Thanks be also to the power of the press. 


Delores Belhumeur 





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