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Roses and thorns: 9/22/13




A thorn to Oktibbeha County prosecutor candidate Matthew Wilson for his efforts to add to the race the one thing it most definitely doesn't need -- partisan politics. A press release sent by Wilson to the media announced that Wilson had won the endorsement of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, a conservative radio and TV talk show host. There are some races that should be divorced from the polarizing nature of partisan politics and the county prosecutor job is certainly one of them. This year's special election is a non-partisan race. It's a cheap, political ploy that raises legitimate questions about Wilson's attitude toward the job he seeks. If Wilson wants to play politics, the county prosecutor's office is not the place to do it. 




A rose to the Golden Triangle Development Link, which continues to open new avenues of growth in the area. It might have been natural for Link CEO Joe Max Higgins and his staff to rest on their laurels after landing the big Yokohama plant for Clay County back in the spring. But there was plenty of evidence to the contrary this week when Link officials announced plans to build a spec building at the Starkville Industrial Park and a second spec building near Golden Triangle Regional Airport. The Link is also working on a 50,000 square foot retail project for Columbus. It is clear that the folks at the Link have no intentions of slowing down.  




A rose to David Shaw, vice president for research and economic development at Mississippi State, for his interest in a possible partnership with Oktibbeha County schools as they plan for consolidation with the Starkville School District. Shaw told the consolidation committee this week that the university is interested in a partnership which could allow its students to take teaching theorem out of the classroom and into a real-world setting. It will take more study, but if that arrangement can be made to work, it would benefit not only the students in the district but also MSU students who can teach and learn in a real-life setting. 




A rose of congratulations to KiOR who on Thursday announced they produced 172,398 gallons of fuel in July and August, bringing total production this year to 357,532 gallons. The company is facing a class action lawsuit, which alleges KiOR misled investors by over-projecting production this year. KiOR has long maintained they are still ramping up operations and working out problems as they arise. Let's hope these recent production numbers are a sign the company is now on the right track with their production. 




A rose to Starkville aldermen David Little and Scott Walker, who alone on the council voted against enacting a pay raise for the mayor and aldermen a year before it was scheduled to go into effect. The measure passed by a 5-2 vote and comes as the aldermen approved a budget for next year that will raise taxes. Although it will be some time before any of the aldermen are called into account for the indifference displayed in the vote for the early raise, the voters are likely to remember. We're good with that.



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