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Voice of the people: Jon Zarandona




MSU exodus 


I am a first time season ticket holder for MSU football. I do not have ties to MSU or the state of Mississippi. I make my home in Columbus and consider myself a Bulldog. I found the MSU-LSU game to be an exciting and thrilling game until the last play of the third quarter. I am not referring to the Prescott interception or the ensuing LSU touchdown; rather, I am referring to the EXODUS of "fans." With a huge shift of momentum to LSU, the MSU "fans" gave up. The LSU faithful sitting around us asked with all sincerity, "Why is everyone leaving?"  


LSU fans obliviously know what it means to support your team. I can only imagine how uncomfortable it was for Coach Mullen after the game, to tell a recruit on an official visit that we have the best fans in the SEC when they both had a front row seat to the EXODUS? How can Coach Mullen call a recruit and truthfully tell them how great it is to play in Davis Wade Stadium, when it is clear as day on ESPN that the "fans" don't believe in the team. How can a MSU player find the motivation to put it all on the line during the fourth quarter while there is an EXODUS going on? Les Miles' job of motivating his team in the fourth quarter became so much easier when all the Tigers had to do was look in the stands at the EXODUS of fans. The fourth quarter is where the real fans show their support. 


Jon Zarandona 





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