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Voice of the People: Cameron Triplett




Knowing when it's time to go home 


"Judge" Clinkscales has demonstrated yet again that she is definitely not judge material. She should immediately be forcibly removed from the bench, and disbarred if she even has a license to practice law. Like Obama, she seems to think she is some sort of god. I don't like everything that happens in schools, courts, or elsewhere, but I'm not a judge, either, just a private citizen with an opinion. Sometimes I'm wrong, but I base my opinions on all the facts I can find, not just those from one source. 


Overstepping authority or inflating one's importance seems to be epidemic among public figures. Gov. Bryant issued an executive order to force BC/BS of MS to resume its coverage in some hospitals. I just don't see where that falls under his bailiwick, but then I don't know where his power starts and ends. 


I like the Tea Party, as far as limiting the size of government. However I was always taught that fighting is a last resort, and that he who throws the first punch has lost the argument. The more "business" into which the government gets involved, the more and bigger mess is created. Look at "Obamacare" for proof. American voters need to be fully informed when they go to the polls. Getting your "news" from just one biased source doesn't cut it. 


Politics is like any other career, in that people should know when it's time to go home. Senile old men and women need to spend time with their grandchildren and leave the business of running America to younger generations. Experience does count, as does tenure in office. Political office has become too much of an ego inflater, and less of a public service. 


Whether you're voting for president, U.S. senator or representative, or small town mayor, the best person for the job isn't somebody with whom you'd like to have a beer. It's whoever is best suited to do the job right for everyone and the country. Lately America seems to have been doing a mighty poor job electing our leaders. 


Sen. (Terry) Brown, I wish you a full and speedy recovery from your cancer. I believe that you, as well as all other politicians, know best when it's time to retire, when you have lost the ability to be effective. Continue to fight. Cancer can be beaten. I know several people who lived long after being diagnosed with it. You'll know when it's time to go home, and when that time comes hopefully your replacement will be as good a servant as you are. 


Cameron Triplett 





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