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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




Let democracy work 


What is going on? It seems like in many (Democrat-led) government entities the best and brightest, most effective and most experienced leaders are being summarily fired by Democrat bosses, for little to no reason. President Obama has purged our military of top generals and admirals, demoralizing and weakening our Armed Forces. Why? 


Starkville is doing the same thing, on a much smaller scale. I am reminded of the old expression "cutting off your nose to spite your face," but in these cases it is our, the public's, faces that are being spited, and ill- or mis-informed voters are apparently OK with that because of racial and/or political reasons. Can you say "Stupid"? Obama has three more years as our president. God only knows what else he has in store for freedom-loving, capitalist Americans. 


Every city and town in America needs every effective person in office we can get. We don't need sycophants or yes men bowing to some tin-horn despots. We either live in a republic with a democratic form of government, or we don't. No one is right all the time, and no political party has all the answers. Let democracy work. 


Cameron Triplett 





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