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Whoo-Whee! Where do I start? OK, from Sunday's paper. The column by the "Rev." Jesse Jackson was close, complaining of the "rich gittin' richer while the poor, they just stay poor." He complains there are no jobs. The reason, or one of them, is because U.S. corporate taxes and labor costs are so high that many companies simply move overseas so they can make a profit. Who made this so? Liberal Democrats elected by those who get their political (mis)information from the "mainstream media," that's who. Fix the high tax problem (by reducing spending FIRST) and watch the jobs problem go away, fewer people needing to be on welfare, lower crime rates, and a whole bunch of other pluses. 


Liberals all over have been jumping on Phil Robertson (of A&E's Duck Commander) for stating his religious beliefs in a magazine interview. Those beliefs just happen to be Biblical. Nobody thinks about liberals, gays, atheists, and others of the PC crowd spouting their opinions and beliefs, or even trying to cram them down the collective throat of America. Phil is not a journalist or news commentator, so, yes, he does have a First Amendment right to speak his mind. When a paid commentator with his own show attacks someone, that is different. 


A&E has the right to say that they don't agree with the comments of anyone on or off their payroll, but firing him was a big boo-boo. Everybody has misread or misconstrued what he said, but that's nothing new either. If people would read all of his comments, they would be less inclined to be "offended" 


I, and many other Christians, do not "hate" homosexuals, adulterers, or other sinners named in the Bible. We don't condone the acts of those people. There is a difference. As far as passing judgment on anyone, as Phil also said, but few apparently know, I'll leave that up to the Lord. 


Cameron Triplett 





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