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Thinks Tea Party movement misguided




Mr. (Randolph) Lipscomb says the goal of the local and national Tea Party is to kick the bums out of the Congress. We did that this past November. I noticed the group stopped short of endorsing candidates to replace the pork barrel politicians. When Glen Beck was on CNN, he said, "Chad Cochran took $653 million out of that barrel of pork." During the program someone from Cochran''s office called and informed Beck that Cochran''s name was Thad and not Chad. Then Beck said, "I don''t care if his name is Thad or Chad" with such anger in his voice you could see the veins popping out of the side of his neck. Beck said, "I just want people to know that he got that much money." If we do away with the pork barrel our state will miss it and we certainly need it. 


Mr. (Scott) Berry said, "There appeared to be a million people at the Washington tea party." If someone tried to pass a bill to abolish a government run program called Medicare, there would probably be two million people and one of them would be me; tack on Medicaid and it would probably be four million. Over half of my retirement is used to pay doctors, insurance, medical bills and medicine. 


Lipscomb says the group claims no partisan affiliation. I am a Democrat and I am going to put my money where my mouth is. When Clinton was president, I did real well in the stock market. When Bush left office, I had lost just about all my money in the market. I had just enough left to start over. When I hear the work Bush or one similar to it, I cringe. I say, "Please, O Lord, not again." 


When Bush took office the budget was in the black. In September, 2008, Bush was on television asking for $700 billion and if he didn''t get it we would have a global meltdown. (repeat) Have a global meltdown. This was the beginning of all the spending, spending, spending. 


In Bush''s last eight months, the stock market lost 4,000 points. Obama''s first eight months it has gained 3,000 points. There must be something right going on in Washington. I don''t know why we would want to throw out the bums that are in there now when the economy seems to be on the mend according to the stock market. 


James E. Hodges, Columbus 






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Article Comment JC commented at 9/23/2009 12:57:00 PM:

We should cut the teabaggers some slack. They're just upset that their team lost, and throwing tantrums at the courthouse is how they grieve. The adults among them will get over it eventually and move on with their lives.


Article Comment Mike commented at 9/23/2009 3:28:00 PM:

"There must be something right going on in Washington." If you had opened with this line it would have saved people the time spent reading the ramblings of an obvious lunatic. How could any sane individual think that ANYONE in Washington (including Bush when he was in office) has anything other than their own interests in mind. And to JC's comment about "their team lost", my team are Americans that are tired of their country being run into the ground by big government.


Article Comment Mike commented at 9/23/2009 3:29:00 PM:

"There must be something right going on in Washington." If you had opened with this line it would have saved people the time spent reading the ramblings of an obvious lunatic. How could any sane individual think that ANYONE in Washington (including Bush when he was in office) has anything other than their own interests in mind. And to JC's comment about "their team lost", my team are Americans that are tired of their country being run into the ground by big government.


Article Comment JC commented at 9/23/2009 4:12:00 PM: team are Americans that are tired of their country being run into the ground by big government.

Didn't hear a peep out of you during the Bush years, when the size of government expanded at an incredible rate. DHS, anyone? Largest government agency ever.

Not a peep.


Article Comment Melody commented at 9/23/2009 9:41:00 PM:

Hey Bro. Mike - I think you hit the nail on the head about James' words. JC is always on something, so try to ignore his liberal rants. The police should raid his place. All those guys can do is cry ,cry ,cry about that Bush guy's administration. They probably live so far out in the sticks , they don't even know that the Libs have been in charge of our senate and congress since 06; not 08. Therein lies the whole foundation of where we are today. Naturally they don't seem to know that it was the liberal white folk who elected BO and all the news they get is most likely from the liberal left stream media so they can't be up to date on the truth about BO. Glen Beck has been with fox news, guys , since Jan 09. Too bad you don't watch him anymore. CNN even let Mr. Dobbs go too , how pitiful. Come join the majority , guys, more people watch fox than all the left stream media combined. Fox is the real main stream anymore, that's the bottom line. I say , Libscomb for Congress! You guys over there need to support him.


Article Comment JC commented at 9/24/2009 9:49:00 AM:

If ignorant, Fox News-watching wingnuts are the majority, Melody, then how did Barack Obama whip McCain's butt in the election?


Article Comment observer2 commented at 9/24/2009 11:18:00 AM:

The socialist leftwing faction of Democrats in Congress need eye and ear checkups which should not be a problem since those frills are provided them on the taxpayers' tab. They are like unruly children who won't listen to sage advice from their parents or teachers. These liberal big-government advocates have arrogantly and maliciously ignored the outcries of their constituents to STOP spending our money and further driving the nation deeper into an economic abyss from which they believe they are personally insulated.

The socialist faction of the Democratic Party are career liars with the sole objective of destruction of American liberty. Front-center is proposed government intervention into healthcare and the Dems' claim that Republicans have no plan to solve the several but real problems of our healthcare system despite Republicans having clearly published and repeatedly attempting to present an alternative plan which works through the private sector instead of endorsing a giant step backward into the types of failed systems of rationing and long lines which plague Canada and England. The socialists reveal their true intentions every time they veto Republican amendments to HR 3200 which seek to preserve the freedom and fiscal frugality which Americans cherish under the current private-sector system.

I have news for liberal socialist Democrats. First, no plan crafted by you without input from Republicans and independents will be accepted by the healthcare industry or freedom-loving Americans. YOU have failed to listen and must face the reality that the rest of us do not subscribe to your big government takeover of America. Try your brand of 'reconciliation' and you will see what comes your way shortly thereafter. Be reminded that Americans by huge majority have voted 'NO' on a number of other issues---so open your eyes and ears Congress:

NO to amnesty and YES to deportation of illegals. We are tired of you not enforcing the existing Federal laws on immigration which has led to the bankruptcy of California, loss of innocent American lives along our borders with Mexico, and now the destruction of our forests though fires set by Mexican drug cartels. No other nation on Earth permits illegal immigration and America should not either. It results in chaos and self-destruction. It strains healthcare and government services and drives up taxes.

NO to 'cap and trade' which will hit all Americans with the highest energy tax ever passed by government and put government into the position of making decisions about energy use which should be left to individuals. This bill is opposite what is needed for the security of our nation. We need immediate offshore drilling, mining of the huge oil shale resources in Montana, and construction of nuclear plants (take a hint from France) ---not globalization of government through environmental controls sold through hoaxes like 'manmade global warming' which has clearly been disproved.

NO to the Administration investing 2 billion dollars in a Brazilian oil company whose largest shareholder is power hungry socialist George Soros, especially since that company intends on selling its product to China and not to America. This is but another example of payback by Obama to his supporters like Soros while destroying American security.

NO to our money supporting the United Nations which has the ultimate objective of one-world government. Tell me one benefit which accrues from our membership in that organization! We provide most of the financial support and the real estate for this organization of goons who have no desire to defend freedom around the world or the willpower to enforce effective sanctions against rogue tyrannical regimes.

NO to the 2010 U.S. census being stolen by the White House solely to redirect money to 'the projects' instead of allowing an accurate census count to determine proper distribution of taxpayer money around the nation.

NO to government takeover of private industry as was done with respect to the auto industry in order to save the unions which contributed heavily to Obama's election.

Finally, NO to Obama circumventing the Congress and the intentions of our founding documents by bringing radical CZARS into positions of power which involve spending and policy decisions which bring down America. I know radicals when I see and hear them. My vision and hearing check out just fine. How about yours?
By Dr. Alen Bates


Article Comment JC commented at 9/24/2009 11:33:00 AM:




Article Comment KJ commented at 9/24/2009 4:55:00 PM:

JC, you didn't miss anything. They weren't even his own words, except for misspelling the real author's name at the bottom.


Article Comment Melody commented at 9/24/2009 7:22:00 PM:

Hey there Observer 2, Dr. Bates puts it right on the line. I agree with him, thanks for the great post. I think JC might have liked his letter too. Breaks over, back to work.


Article Comment Mike commented at 9/25/2009 5:37:00 PM:

I figured out what "JC" stands for: John Conyers
Now that's funny! JC, if observer2's post was too long for you to read then I know you don't know a thing about what's going on in Washington. There are simple resolutions getting sent through congress that are longer than his post!


Article Comment observer2 commented at 9/25/2009 10:16:00 PM:

The same John Conyers who can't understand what the bills mean even with the help of his lawyers-now I get it, that's who JC is? Excellent detective work, Mike. The same one who says , why read the 1100 pages of gobble D gook? Make sense who JC is now.


Article Comment KJ commented at 9/26/2009 11:43:00 AM:

Everyone knows what's going on in Washington: tired of pork, deregulation, and huge spending without purpose the general public revoked Republican majorities in the House and Senate in 2006. Tired of a president who was incapable of fulfilling the only part of the oath that mattered (defense of the constitution) and who had himself become a domestic threat to our freedoms, and seeing the writing on the wall with the elderly McCain's choice of an even dumber individual as VP in 2008, they voted overwhelmingly to go in a new direction and voted, not only for a new administration, but for a congress with a majority large enough to actually achieve needed reforms.

Just saying "no" and repeating demonstrable lies and copy-and-pasting more fictions and misrepresentations and leveling an unending stream of ad hominem attacks at folks who agree that there are problems and welcome reforms is unlikely to achieve what you want. Although I suppose you're having fun trying, after a fashion.


Article Comment Melody commented at 9/26/2009 1:55:00 PM:

I thought KJ was above the name calling level, but looks like he's on the same level as Matt and JC. Guess all libs resort to it when faced with the truth and facts. Now that they see the backwardness of this Prez., somehow they probably feel better by trying to say it was Bushes and McCains fault that they voted for BO. Looks like KJ enjoys picking on women too, not surprising. Too bad you folks can't get along over there.


Article Comment Thom Geiger commented at 9/26/2009 5:33:00 PM:

For once in this lifetime, I hope I will get to see an answer to the question of where a dollar comes from to pay for a road, or a bridge, or a new aircraft carrier, or a social program? Not being gifted with an advanced education, and since I haven't seen such an answer, I can only guess that dollar comes from one of three places;
1. taxes- meaning a person or a business pays money into the government to fund such things
2. the government prints the money it needs, when the demands outpace the amount of money it can take from the citizen
3. the government gets money from other governments or sources outside the US
I'm sure there are other answers, but the first two are all I heard in school in the 50s. Not all citizens pay the same taxes, as not all businesses pay the same taxes as other businesses. If each private citizen's individual share of every government funded program or piece of infrastructure, national defense or government operations overhead comes to (hypothetically) $10,000 per year and I am paying $15,000 per year, why is that? If the person down the street is paying $8,000 per year, why is that? Surely not because I use more of these resources than the person down the street. I served in the US military, so not only am I contributing more money, but I made more of a non-monetary contribution to the national defense than the person who is paying less than I am paying for our individual parts in the cost of operating our government. Why?
I disagree with Libertarians on many issues, but I can see their point about taxes and the reallocation of wealth. I also agree with their belief that when it comes to the nuts and bolts of everyday government, there is no significant difference between the two major parties.
A Democratically controlled government will do just as much, if not more spying on US citizens than a Republican led government. It will spend as much or more money, violate as many or more civil and Constitutional rights as Republicans, send as many or more contracts, pork, favors and privileges the way of their own special friends as Republicans have done.
The DP raged on for years about how both Bushes abused state's secrets and national security claims, even making a show of supposedly changing the rules, but how many non-righteous secrets from either Bush administration have the Dems made public? How many astounding revelations have they come clean about?
No, the DP and the RP are two sides of one coin. Neither plays well alone and neither can be trusted with total power. Unfortunately, that is part of the human psychology, the pendulum swing. First too far one way, then too far the other way. Its only in those brief moments when the pendulum swings through the middle that life is sane and rational enough to go to work every day, earn what we can and cough up a significant amount for what? It's also unfortunate that the pendulum doesn't hesitate in the middle, like it does on both ends.
But back to the question, either the government is printing the money it needs, more and more every year (and, I would guess, watering down its value along the way), or some people and business are not paying their share of the load and some are paying more than their part.


Article Comment Neil Tentoni commented at 9/27/2009 11:55:00 AM:

I read with great interest the varying opinions posted here in the Commercial Dispatch. All too often, I see the same folks bashing each other for their ideological views...although some more hateful than others.
Our country is in a mess. It is going to take articulate, knowledgable, and our best citizens to fix this mess. Taxes, healthcare, unemployment, national security, immigration, greed and corruption are just a few of the problems facing our nation.
I am personally sick of the bickering. If you are getting your news from Fox, MSNBC, or CNN...fine, but remember that each of these "made-for-cable news networks" are doing little more than telling you how to think and feel. Each of these networks panders to the almighty dollar and its ideological base. Each of these networks has the "I gotcha now" mentality that you can find watching ANY FAKE wrestling match. Each of these networks would rather not focus on the facts, but to "frame" the news that panders to it's SHEEP. I wish there was a reset button that could be pushed...
I would like to thank Mr. Geiger for his last post. His article was as true and objective as possible. I know that Mr. Geiger has political aspirations. My challenege to Mr. Geiger is this:
Continue to offer SINCERELY objective opinions of local, state, and national issues.
Do not pander to the Fox News or MSNBC crowd. These folks do not represent the majority of us Americans.
Do at least this...and you will earn my vote and many others.


Article Comment Neil Tentoni commented at 9/27/2009 3:21:00 PM:

KJ, your posts are quite eloquently written...nice job, but who cares what Bush thinks about anything? He was corporate America's greatest ally.
Now we have Obama (yes, I voted for him), the man you so gloriously and eloquently defend, who has lost all credibility with me as well. He led the bailout for General Motors and for Wall Street...before trying to fix healthcare. I wonder why? We as a nation have no business owning GM. As for Wall Street, they got a trillion from Bush and now a trillion from Obama...and nobody still has any idea where the money is oversight or accountibility...just more corruption.
Now comes healthcare. Should we all have it?'s not a socialist issue, but one of human decency. Should our government be the insurance company? Nope. Is there going to be a solution? Probably, but not the logical one (stricter regulation)...just the one with with larger governmnent waste and another tax hike imposed upon all of us.
I think most of us would like to know where all our jobs have gone...and when we are going to get the new jobs our politicians have promised us. It is hard to have any faith in Obama when his only objective so far is to please those who helped him buy his way into the unions and Goldman Sachs.


Article Comment Thom Geiger commented at 9/27/2009 4:22:00 PM:

"I know that Mr. Geiger has political aspirations. My challenege to Mr. Geiger is this:
Continue to offer SINCERELY objective opinions of local, state, and national issues.
Do not pander to the Fox News or MSNBC crowd. These folks do not represent the majority of us Americans."

I haven't heard anyone say that about me before. I imagine, with my record of running in almost every election, that would be the natural assumption, but really and truly, I am quite satisfied with what I do and where I'm doing it. Although I do think I, and almost anyone with some common sense and a belief that people matter more than government, could do better job of seeing to the people's business better than the majority of our career politicians, I run most of the time because without an independent voice to address those questions and issues our local leaders are uncomfortable addressing, the real issues will never be discussed or debated. In too many election campaigns, we are left talking about some ordinance or landscaping, and not our schools, the needs of our citizens or our city's future.
I have never knowingly let consideration of future political elections color my opinion on anything, nor my (as some people have noted) propensity to say something about almost anything.
The point I was going after in asking the question about money, taxes, that dollar the government spends on something, was that the system is not fair and never has been. Someone, or some business, has always paid less and others have always paid more than their share of what it takes for our government to do its job.
The only thing I have noticed, the only difference in that process when one party or another is in control, is the amount, whether the portion, that tax, that no-choice forfeiture of income to the government is smaller or larger for people who pay less than their share, or smaller or larger for people who pay more than their share.
I have an acquaintance that is unabashedly Libertarian and is totally unapologetic about it. I have listened to him at length about the evils of the taxation system and the failings of our major two-party system of government, and perhaps I'm beginning to agree with him, to a point. I would like to see the entire system of government overhauled with the aim of fairness in the burden it puts, not only on working people in this country, but every citizen. The government needs a good cleaning. Whether it's a pork barrel project to fund expansion of a million dollar golf course for the super rich or an urban development project to financially benefit relatives of a government official, it's time for serious justification for every bit of it.
No more bridges to nowhere, no more untracked and unaccounted for funds to any groups or any reason. Every dime of every dollar should be accounted for and justified, and don't anyone dare come to the people with the claim that something is owed to anyone, that taxes, money from the paychecks and bank accounts of Americans will be used for any reason and we have no right to know where, when, how and why.
I'm like a lot of people my age in that I doubt things like Social Security will be there and be solvent when the date comes when I am supposed to receive the benefits I've been paying for. Also, like others my age, I fall into that age range where I'm too old to try and change my financial future by investing my SS taxes outside SS, but young enough that I'll still have to contribute to the system for another eight years, or until the system is finally shut down and we lose everything we put into it.
So, when members of one party or another talk about increasing the load we pay into the system, for whatever reason, increasing the taxes we have no choice but to pay, I would like to see specifics and justification, not philosophical doubletalk or moral mind games. I don't want to hear that it's our duty, that we owe it to anyone, no guilt and no blame, just facts and truth. How hard can that be?


Article Comment Neil Tentoni commented at 9/27/2009 9:28:00 PM:

"I haven't heard anyone say that about me before."
Mr. Geiger, you have now heard it from me. You are a very vocal citizen...and it is my natural assumption that you will run for office yet again. I do not always agree with your rhetoric, but at least you do speak your mind and I know where you stand. What insight do any of our elected officials offer? They duck, hide, and basically offer the public nothing more than the rope-a-dope. Jeff Rupp was the last mayor that was vocal about anything.
I often wonder why the Columbus mayor, or our county board president does not call for regular press conferences? Why don't they at least write a regular coulumn for the newspaper to keep us informed?
I agree with you, Mr. Geiger...we need accountability to "we the people" now more than other. We need specifics and justification...not the rope-a-dope.
If you do run for office again, Mr. Geiger, you will be hearing from me.


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