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We are all quick enough to complain when we don''t like something, but we seldom take five minutes to say thanks when something suits us. Your cover photo of the rainbow on Sept. 22, by Kelly Tippett, is one of the best newspaper cover shots I have ever seen, and I worked in the newspaper business for many years. Be sure to enter the photo in all relevant contests. It should surely win. Well done! 


Chris Gilmer, Aberdeen 




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Article Comment Tippett my hat commented at 9/23/2009 2:40:00 PM:

Kelly Tippett is a great photographer.


Article Comment Debra Price commented at 9/23/2009 8:06:00 PM:

Kelly, your picture is what remains of the old Gerhart dairy barn and silo, and it has capitivated our family. 4 generations of our family lived, grew up, worked, and played in that barn and the pasture surrounding it since my great grandparents built there in 1920. But your picture captures the pure spirit and essence of what it means to us to this day. I thank God for your talent and the beauty you see when you raise the camera lens to your eyes.


Article Comment ap commented at 9/24/2009 11:03:00 AM:

I totally agree. its was an absolutely beautiful picture


Article Comment JIMMY WILLIAMS commented at 9/26/2009 7:28:00 PM:

I also would like to thank the people of Columbus for their help last Thursday when i had a flat at Advance Auto Parts. The people at Advance were great at helping me and the stranger that loaned me his jack was an angel. I certainly saw the best of race relations in action.


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