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Voice of the people: Darlene Walrod




Grammatical mistake evokes sinking feeling for English major 


I have thought about this all weekend and simply cannot let it slide. 


On Friday, Jan. 10 there was an article in "Our View." I have no idea who wrote the piece, but they, glaringly, solidified their view with two words. 


The paragraph started: "That Mississippi lags behind in education is nothing new, of course, but the news that our state has SANK to a depth that can no longer be plumbed ..." Has SANK? Really!? Should it not be "has sunk"? I, an old woman with an English education degree, am appalled at how many people slaughter correct usage of English verbs and pronouns. Obviously, teachers are not doing their jobs and/or students are not listening. We are in sad trouble if printed news articles and public announcers are making such grammatical errors. 


Maybe a terrific proofer would be of service. 


On the plus side the article was very thought provoking and much "on point." Mississippi is in dire trouble and will continue to do so until monies and emphasis are placed on education. 


Darlene Walrod 






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