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Private and public schools 


I just love the nom's de plume used by some of the posters to The Dispatch website. Some are humorous, and some are wishful thinking. Some posters actually provide useful insight to topics, and some are just foolishness. "Stankylegs" brought up some good points in his (her?) posting. 


The only reason why we have private schools in Mississippi is because of the forced integration of public schools about 1968 or so. Many whites feared their children would get an inferior education in integrated schools, and/or their children's safety would be at risk. For many people, perception is reality. 


Many public schools, especially local ones, are "under-performing" today. These same schools are majority "minority," validating the fears felt by the parents who send their children to private schools. I am unaware of the climate concerning attitudes and racism in public schools in the Golden Triangle, but it wouldn't surprise me to find that it exists. 


"Stankylegs" thinks teachers in private schools just have to be inferior to those in public schools because public school teachers get paid more. Really? Ever consider the notion that some teachers actually teach because it's their calling instead of the paycheck they get? 


Here in Noxubee County, some parents elect to send their children out-of-county to private schools in Winston, Lowndes, or Oktibbeha counties for a variety of reasons. 


I would like to see most students attending public schools, with the truly brighter ones attending an academy where they could get a better public education, tailored to their needs. Since everyone pays for the "free" education at public schools, whether you have children or not, whether your children go to private schools or not, children attending a private school had better be getting a better education. Their parents are paying for one. 


Cameron Triplett 





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