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Being Beautiful: Winning the Super Bowl of style




I must confess: I know nothing of football. Mama and I would often wait until Daddy, my three older brothers and Uncle Wayne got consumed with the surround sound of our family TV and then disappear into the sanctity of her light blue ceramic bathroom. A Super Bowl for us was a giant Tupperware bowl filled with popcorn, a set of hot rollers and an evening of many makeovers.  


Well, it is Super Bowl Sunday, and I can't think of a better time to gather y'all into a huddle to give you my game plan, not on the football field, but instead for your beauty routine. Grab a handful of chips and some Rotel dip, pass the remote and read on. One thing I do know is that it'll still be the same quarter when you're finished, and you can afford to miss one flag on the play. 


Scoring touchdowns this season are a few of my favorite players for a super face. If you believe, like me, in "Go big or go home," then you will be cheering for Too Faced Size Queen mascara. The giant brush, huge container and super intense color are a surefire way to tackle those barely-there lashes.  


I'm in love with all the supersized makeup brushes such as Kevin Aucoin's fan brush for flawless blending, and I had to call timeout when I saw It Cosmetics' mega fan brush for contouring, sculpting and bronzing the cheekbones. I love big brushes, and I cannot lie! 


A few all-stars for the hair, if I may drop a name or two, with their own names on everything from shampoo to mousse, are Nick Chavez of Beverly Hills and Oscar Blandi of NYC, and it's no secret when it comes to hair that Frederic Fekkai sweeps by all the other players and scores big for me. A French hairstyling giant, he has a celebrity client list with more diamonds than any Super Bowl ring, and he spares no expense on his luxurious hair care line. The glossing line is beyond amazing for healthy, shiny tresses. 


With all eyes glued to the television watching those million-dollar commercials, the big game, or the dynamic Bruno Mars at halftime, your style doesn't have to sit on the sidelines. So, there you have my team of All-Stars. Use them to go score your own beautiful touchdown, heck, maybe even win the Super Bowl of style.



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