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A philosophical limerick




There have been many prophets who said 


"Believe and be raised from the dead." 


Although it is quite clever 


To make us live forever, 


Could they not fix this world''s evils instead? 




Saul Vydas 





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Reader Comments

Article Comment Thom Geiger commented at 10/3/2009 10:08:00 PM:

Amen to that, Mr. Vydas.


Article Comment Abraham commented at 10/7/2009 11:28:00 AM:

If God is real, then He might send some "true prophets" to reveal to mankind what God wants us to do in this world, things like being a good Samaritan. And such a God might send prophets that might even tell us about eternity (the part of reality where we shall exist the longest). If one does not believe in God, then why should such a person waste his time analyzing a "prophet" that proclaims a message from a being who does not exist. On the other hand, if one believes in God, why should my interest (what I think a prophet should speak) out weigh the interest of the One who made me and Who sent the prophet with His message? Maybe the real issue here is not what a prophet should speak, or even whether there are true prophets today. But maybe the issue is whether there is any compelling reason to believe in a God who long ago sent prophets with His message.


Article Comment 456 commented at 10/13/2009 2:05:00 AM:

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