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Raymond Gross: Walking the walk


Raymond Gross



While watching our local news after the Ole Miss/State game, I saw a Sen. Cochran campaign ad during one of the commercial breaks. He was approving comments about how he was a great conservative who really cared for all the people of Mississippi and how he wanted to take good care of all the people who live here. It was somewhat like he was campaigning for his very first time against an incumbent, not at all like he's already been a senator for something like 42 years where his voting record shows him to be more of a liberal than a conservative. 


He's had many, many years to step up and show us how much he really cares for the hard working folks in Mississippi by simply supporting and cosponsoring the Fair-Tax bill, but he has not even come close. The Fair-Tax bill will stop all withholding taxes from our paychecks and abolish the IRS. Now I'm sure everybody will agree that would be a great thing to do for our State and Country but since he hasn't even cosponsored the bill, that alone tells me he doesn't want to do what's best for the working people of Mississippi nor take good care of all the people who live here.  


Naturally, he and Wicker will say that they are all for "tax reform" but no actions, pure rhetoric. Actions speak louder than words, sorta like the song that goes -- your talk talks and your walk talks but your walk talks louder than your talk talks. My guess is that neither have actually read the Fair-Tax bill and neither have enough conservative guts to stand up and support the Fair Tax. 


Raymond Gross 





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