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GOP has lost touch




I was most pleased to see that Travis Childers and Bennie Thomson voted "YES" on the economic stimulus bill. I, on the other hand, think it most shameful that the rest of the Congressmen from the poorest state in the country voted a big "NO." What do Senators Wicker and Cochran and Representatives Taylor and Harper think will alleviate the economic crisis in Mississippi? More tax relief to zombie companies, many of whom are insolvent and pay no taxes anyway? 


Why do the above "NO" voters seem to prefer to deny much needed money to our cash-strapped state in favor of clinging to a failed conservative, trickle-down, supply side, fiscal policy? Could it be that their hearts are in the wrong place or a size too small? Could it be that their belief in separation of church and state has caused them to abandon Jesus'' instruction to care for "the least of these?" 


I notice that most of these "NO" voters claim to be followers of the Jewish carpenter. Do these "NO" voters feel more comfortable in the board rooms of the rich and powerful corporations who have let the country down with their misguided business decisions? I would guess so. Too bad for Mississippi. I am glad the Democrats prevailed and that Mississippi will get a much needed $1.5 billion, no thanks to the above hard heads. 


I am afraid that the Republican Party has become a party of bitter, old, white people who will play the losers game of standing in the way of any remedy the Democrats suggest. Rather than being the voice of a much needed revamping of a failed banking/capitalist system, the status quo-loving Republican Party has become the voice of intolerant Christian Evangelicals of the Old South and hardliners of the Mormon West.  


The GOP must abandon its unspoken code of racism and arrogant belief in more power to the already powerful and start to work for the benefit of the disappearing middle class. A failure of a two-party system in our country is not a good option. This country needs two parties working for a successful middle class. The GOP has lost touch with reality. 


Willis Pope, Columbus



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Reader Comments

Article Comment Jamie commented at 2/17/2009 3:44:00 PM:

Mr. Pope is just as delusional as the rest of the Democratic party if he thinks that voting for the stimulus package is going to help our economic situation. Give me one time in history where spending trillions of dollars helped during a recession. Mr. Pope, the democratic party is not in the business of helping the middle class. In fact, they want to take more of my hard-earned money and give it to other people, who don't work. You know the ones, you see them everyday. They are sitting on their front porches at 8:00 am and they are still sitting there at 5:00pm. I see them everyday on my way to my JOB. I find it hilarious that Mr. Pope only blaims the GOP for the economic crisis. What about Barney Frank? Please don't pass the buck. During the past two years with the Democratic congress, the economy has tanked. People forget that W inherited a recession himself. They also sweep under the rug that Bush Jr had 6 years of uninterrupted growth and the strongest economy of any developed country. Joblessness and inflation were at record lows. Yet when those "smart" dems took over, all of a sudden we are heading for a recession. Coincidence...I think not. Our only hope is that during mid-term elections, people will be so tired of empty promises (free money) that the GOP will regain control of Congress and the country. Mr. Pope, you are the one that has lost touch. Unfortunately, there are many others that will ride this Obama/Democratic bandwagon until it finally crashes and burns. Jump off while you can.


Article Comment Jamie commented at 2/18/2009 11:30:00 AM:

PS. Helping the down and out is one thing, helping the lazy is another.


Article Comment maria commented at 2/21/2009 12:52:00 PM:

I agree that not everyone in Mississippi is not lazy. What about the poor who have worked hard all those years an all of the sudden the company was forced to closed due to this recession. Mississippi is a state that is far behind on other state and one of the poorest states in the United States. Why not try to help Mississippi out of the jam it in? There are not enough jobs here for everyone and there needs to be improve in education as well. Without jobs, there are going to be many more who will be unemployed and will become "lazy".It's a shame to sit here and help out the people who were greedy and are not facing foreclosures on their homes. Now, that's was a waste of money lending to banks and the auto industries. I mean after theses industries receive the bailout, some of them are going bankrupty and the CEO and upper management are taking taxpayers dollars and running with it. Look at Mr. Stanford and Mr. Madoff, prime examples of what I was stating above and now where are they? Both caught and no trace of where the money is. The bailout is needed to help the United States recovery from this recession and certain people don't see it that way. Those type of people don;t have the interest of what is best for the United State. They are only looking out for themselves. While you may be only looking out for yourself, wonder if the shoe was turned on the other foot. And the one that oppose the bill was suffering like many american are now. Would they be crying for help. Yes they would. It's just selfish who some people can be to see others suffer just to make them appear to look good.


Article Comment Maria commented at 2/21/2009 12:58:00 PM:

Why should we have to pay for other people bad decisions? They should have thought about that before they bought all those homes and etc. Look at all the jobs that have been lose due to the poor leadership we had. It's not fair to bail the people who were greedy and not the poor people who have already lost their jobs and homes. Quite a few people have lot touch with reality. It only takes them to be in the same predictment to understand what's going on.


Article Comment Jamie commented at 2/23/2009 2:05:00 PM:

Lew, get a clue! The people who are just trying to make it are going to continue to just scrape by. You want to know why????? Because more and more of their tax dollars are going to pay for those lazt people. Don't you get it. This free money is being taken away from those who work hard and is given to those who dont. Democrats go around saying that they care about those people. They are liars. Their plans, Obama's plans are doing nothing but helping those Welfare abusers stay on welfare. Why would they consider working if they are going to continue to get what we work for for free.

And I never said that everyone in Mississippi is lazy. I live in Mississippi and I am not lazy. I also did not say that because you are poor that meant you were lazy. Quite trying to make an issue where there wasn't one.


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