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Rachel George: A great Pilgrimage




Despite the apparent flaws and sometimes glaring errors, the cold that postponed our beautiful flowers, the pounding rainstorms and blustering winds that destroyed our yards and hairdos, those darling planes that entertained 45 thousand - out at the base, in spite of it all, I have endless things to be thankful for this pilgrimage.  


My guests have been fun and thoughtful and gracious; many have made a special trip back through the house to say what a wonderful time they had in our city and to thank us for opening our homes for their benefit. My little girls and one young gentleman have been faithful in their joy as they run and climb the trees and freeze tag when caught in the front yard. They have posed for endless pictures and their mothers have seen to it they are tidy, starched, and on time.  


Oh, the favors! I have a childhood friend who came from Georgia and stayed a week to get this party started. Another couple came from Baton Rouge with their daughter and her family ready to do anything to help. Ten minutes before a tour started, Matt (a converted Yankee in a Confederate uniform) was brooming the water off of the sidewalk while the ladies made sandwiches for the hostesses in the kitchen. Then the regular friends stepped up to arrange flowers, tell stories, guide guests, hold umbrellas, provide snacks for the masses AND clean up my kitchen.  


We have all done our very best to make this a wonderful experience for everyone. I have had the pleasure of Air Force wives and community leaders as hostesses and I thank them all, I have been the recipient of notes, time, food and flowers and I appreciate them all. I love our town and have high hopes that our guests have taken a bit of our history and hospitality with them as this 2014 Pilgrimage comes to an end. After all, we are known as the friendly city. 




Rachel Baskerville George  


Baskerville Manor, Columbus



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