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Voice of the people: Rebecca Watson




Appreciates editorial 


I write to congratulate you on the editorial ("When the shoe is on the other foot," Our View, April 16), which is going to get you guys skewered in the Northern media. Having read your paper for a few years now, I have wondered when you walking, talking Webster dictionary definition of political correctness were ever, ever going to realize that just because the person across from you is a woman and/or person of color/handicapped in some fashion/not a white male does not imbue them with seemingly divine insight into the human psyche and the associated ability to change things for the better.  


Your conservative white readers have understood this and probably have hated every word you've written when on your soapbox. Your black readers don't get it. 


When Martha Liddell said that y'all were anti-woman and anti-black, I thought she was taking up a new career as a comedienne. She and Lisa "And Guess What?" Wynn in Starkville should get together. 


Good luck with the backlash. Because there will be no research by your northern, politically correct brethren, you will be hauled up the flagpole of Southern white male racism and flogged as having a plantation mentality. My own personal take is that by in large, our country is becoming not only more racist, but horribly rude. A general tone of meanness, a lack of basic civility has settled in creating a society of first graders out-shouting, out-pushing each other to be the line leader.  


My husband and I have moved to New Orleans, but I remain a fan of both Columbus and Starkville politics after all these years.  


With great fondness, I remain gleefully loyal to your paper, 


Rebecca Watson 


New Orleans, La.



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