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Voice of the people: William Bell




Dangerous drivers 


Thanks to our illustrious representatives in Jackson, We don't have a deterrent to texting and driving.  


I have seen drivers driving way below the posted speed limit under the pretext of safety, while talking or texting. All they are accomplishing is slowing traffic.  


Another pet peeve of mine is using your turn signals to warn someone is turning ahead of you. This is wrong, wrong, wrong. The Mississippi drivers manual states, and I quote, "Mechanical or electrical turn signals should not be used unless you are actually going to turn. If you approach an intersection where the car ahead of you has stopped, waiting for oncoming traffic to clear before he turns left, it is not necessary for you to turn on your left turn signal to warn the driver behind you, unless you are going to turn left. Your brake lights are sufficient warning and are actually more effective." 


This goes back to the old saying, wrong is wrong if everyone is doing it and right it right if no one is doing it. 


William Bell 





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