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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




Looking beyond race 


I was pleasantly surprised to read comments sent in by others that more or less mirror my observations and opinion. The "good ole boy" system is not only alive and well but thriving in Columbus and Lowndes County, as well as all over the USA. The difference is now it's a good new boy system because instead of whites operating it, now it's blacks. 


I have long stated in publication that I don't care what skin color, or gender, or age (within sense), or anything else a person has or is, as long as that person is the most qualified/competent for the job/office. When a candidate get votes just because of one or more of these "reasons" regardless of incompetence or disqualifications, everybody suffers. A prime example sits in the Oval Office today. 


The problem is that too many people "got to vote my color." Some candidates get elected mainly because they stir up racial controversy and animosity, and then they blame others for creating a gridlock based on race. Columbus, Lowndes County and every other political district will continue to have substandard leadership as long as this practice continues. America needs mature, informed voters who can look past all physical appearances and vote on intelligence, morality, patriotism, honor, and other attributes that make good public servants. 


Cameron Triplett 





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