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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




A few thoughts on the May 8 edition of The Dispatch 


Don't anybody faint or reach for the smelling salts, but I happen to agree with Jay Lacklen that our governor erred when he decided to sink the Medicaid expansion in Mississippi. For the record, I think the "ACA" could have and should have been handled much more efficiently by easing the requirements to qualify for Medicaid.  


Slim Smith made a good point when he compared being released from prison to being freed from slavery. Nobody can possibly know how any slave felt upon learning it was over. I'm sure that different slaves had different emotions, but the main thing is that slavery is over in the USA, but not in other, mainly African countries, where about 300 Christian girls have been kidnapped from their school by a militant, extremist Muslim terrorist group called Boko Haram.  


Nothing can nor should be done about a practice that ended almost a 150 years ago here. If anybody has a beef about slavery, go where it's still happening and do something besides whine about something they've never experienced and know absolutely nothing factual about. 


Back in the day before FEMA and MEMA and insurance, when tragedy like a hurricane or tornado struck, people didn't sit around whining about help not coming fast enough. They got up off their backsides and went to work, whether it was cleaning up damage in their own yards or helping friends, neighbors, and family. That's the survival/pioneer spirit. Anything less is pure dependency on somebody else to come to your aid. 


So Columbus is getting a Starbucks! Big deal. Another over-priced coffee house is just what the pretentious need. I don't drink coffee (I'm not old enough to drink coffee or sleep by myself yet.) so they won't be getting any business from me, but good luck to them. Columbus can always use the extra tax revenue. 


I saved the best for last. Some twit, an atheist in Rankin County public school, felt "pressured" to participate in a prayer at an awards ceremony. Get over yourself! Stick your fingers in your ears and hum. Close your eyes and take a nap. Just don't try to impose your views on everybody else. Go to a different school. Do something positive without hurting the rest of the students. You'll be faced with religion and religious viewpoints for the rest of your life, so learn to deal with it constructively.  


Asinine lawsuits do no one any good, except maybe the lawyers who argue in court. You're entitled to your views, but so is everyone else. What if somebody sued you for tainting the atmosphere while they were discussing religion and what it means to them? 


Cameron Triplett 





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