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Voice of the people: Bill Roberts




Main Street flowers a source of pride 


I was headed home from the 45N strip this morning, and when I got off the bypass on to the west end of Main Street I noticed this little lady and a crew of men busily planting magnolia trees. I pulled over as she was right next to the guard rail. She came over and I asked if she was the lady in charge of all the plantings in town. She kind of lowered her head and said she worked with a group of ladies that did the planning, "Why?" I said I wanted to find the head lady and tell her what a great job they were doing for our little city. She said "thank goodness," that she never knew if she was going get fussed at or what. How sad. 


Main Street Columbus has not looked prettier since they tore down the elegant homes on either side of the Main Street Parkway and Mr. T. G. Owen had his New York City display windows in his flower shop across from the Presbyterian Church. It was a delight to ride down Main Street back then. These ladies have brought back a pride in our community that has been lacking for so many years. 


This weekend, our neighbor is entertaining some influential out of town guests. Their first impression of Columbus will be the beauty of the plantings. These ladies are responsible. We all benefit from their hard work and a city government that has the foresight to help them out. If you see these ladies out working, give them a pat on the back. If you know them, give them a hug. You ladies, hold your heads high. Thank you! 


Bill Roberts 





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