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Voice of the people: Al Cardenas




What's taking so long? 


As a family serviced by the District 2 Lowndes County Volunteer Fire Department (great firefighters, by the way), I am greatly puzzled by something. They have been working on the new Jess Lyons fire house since early October and now it's nearly June and (as of today) there is still only dirt and some markers and that's it in seven months. The puzzling part is how can they tear down and build a brand new Wendy's in a little more than three months, as well as other ground-up new construction in four to six months.  


How can something that will house first responders take so damn long? Is it because it's not a revenue generating venture? Could someone please straighten this out, because to me it sure does not pass the logic factor. One fattens the populace and lines pockets, the other merely saves property and lives, am I missing something here? 


Al Cardenas 





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