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Voice of the people: Elizabeth R. Guyton




Tell McDaniel and Tea Party to go away 


McDaniel's campaign schedule belies his true political agenda: Secret fundraisers, outside interests, and corporate welfare. Mississippi Republicans endorse Cochran since there's a growing backlash against Tea Party extremists here, in DC, and across the country. Flying Palin into Mississippi and paying enormous speaking engagement fees reflects McDaniel's desperation to win at any cost ... The 'status quo' Palin, Tea Party extremists and McDaniel are targeting are founding American principles of democracy and the separation of church and state.  


If McDaniel wants to change the history of this country, I strongly suggest he "self-deports," taking his corporate cronies to another uninhabited part of the globe where they can openly live as a religious cult (since Christianity is not what the Tea Party practices) and enslave themselves for corporate profits. Enough is enough. As a liberal, I'm alarmed the GOP hasn't already crashed their party. Tell McDaniel and his Tea Party to go away by voting for Cochran in the primary on June 3, and voting out of office the entire Tea Party gang.  


Elizabeth R. Guyton 


Noxubee County



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