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McDaniel: part of the 'conservative revival' 


Seeing how The Dispatch has shown it's liberal leanings and pro 'anything' Obama in the past, we can see beyond the shadow of a doubt who the conservative candidate is in the race for U.S. senator. It's plainly not Thad Cochran whom The Dispatch has endorsed. They obviously feel if Thad wins now it will make it easier for their real choice, Travis Childers, to win in November since there's not a great deal of difference in the those two.  


Yes, they've made it very clear that Chris McDaniel is the real Conservative to vote for Tuesday. Chris is endorsed by (to mention only a couple) Rick Santorum, the same Santorum who won the 2012 GOP Presidential Primary in Mississippi; Sarah Palin endorses Chris as well. Both have been with Chris on the campaign trail to encourage all conservative Tea Party voters (Republican and Democrat) in Mississippi to take a stand and vote for Chris. They say it's now or never to begin taking back our Senate and Country. I agree. Please, for the sake of yourselves, children and grandchildren, vote for Chris McDaniel. 


Thanks for becoming a part of the "conservative revival" in our country that Chris will begin, with our help, right here in Mississippi. 


Raymond Gross 





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