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Voice of the people: Rufus Ward




Cochran: a gentleman who seeks common ground 


I have a few observations on Tuesday's election for Senate.  


I have known Thad Cochran for over 36 years and consider him a friend. He is a soft-spoken gentleman who has always had Mississippi and America's best interest at heart.  


I have found this campaign most disturbing. As I have watched McDaniel's ads and listened to his supporters, I have learned that many are against Thad because he is too much a gentleman; he tries to seek common ground rather than fighting; he speaks too softly and he will sometimes be friendly with those with whom he disagrees.  


I am disturbed that so many people in Mississippi now seem to view civility, willingness to seek common ground, to speak softly and have a willingness to talk to rather than demonize those with whom you disagree as negative traits. Are we becoming that which we say we most dislike? That is not the Mississippi that I love, and I hope it is not what we are becoming.  


Rufus Ward 





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