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Voice of the people: Jane and Jim Hunt




Mississippi needs Cochran 


Two Associated Press Writers, Phillip Elliott and Emily Wagster Pettus question whether Chris McDaniel's idea for education in our state and city would be best, and I quote the June 8th statement, "Chris McDaniel has said the federal government should have no role in education, not even in helping pay for it." 


These writers listed their ideas on Chris McDaniels' view that education and other government money should not be sent to our state. Does he also want to end federal support of welfare and health services? One can only guess how many millions of dollars would not be sent to Mississippi if this happened.  


Thad Cochran has seniority in Congress and has put the state in a better place financially. His support with federal funds is in the history of his 41 years of service.  


Ingalls shipyard has built many ships over the years which has kept jobs available for us and his congressional support has helped pay student loans for our students to get good educations and ensured their opportunities for jobs. In a perfect world where Mississippi would not be one of the poorest states in the country, and where there were an abundance of industry and jobs, we could fund our own schools, welfare, Medicare, Medicaid and education.  


But such is not the case. What would we do if we lost his support? Who would pay for the things we take for granted? Who would support the housing we all need? How would we manage? Could the people of Mississippi raise taxes further? Chris McDaniel has said that the government should not pay for education, so who will pay? You and I? 


Only 18% of the voters even went to the polls for the primaries on June 3rd. This means that 82% did not choose to vote. This is a basic right and an obligation to our state and country. We cannot be critical of what our public servants do if we have deliberately neglected to exercise the right to vote. We have a chance to vote for what is best for Mississippi and a chance to influence our city and state education system. We have many concerns about issues, and Cochran has been able to help us through his congressional connections. Are we ready to "kick out" the hand that helps us? I don't think so... do you? If you feel strongly about this, please make your vote count for our financial future and each child in school! 


Perhaps Cameron Triplett and his well-stated letters voicing his concerns by way of Letters to the Editor is giving us a "wake-up" call to tell us to stand up for our convictions! If we don't, who will? Not Chris McDaniel. 


Jane and Jim Hunt 





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