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Let me start by saying I live in Columbus and have for the last 24 years. Before that I lived in Louisiana. Not, Lafayette, but just outside of New Orleans. My husband and I have been on an extended vacation and while checking the news in Columbus and in New Orleans on my cell phone I ran across the article about your wonderfully ignorant sports writer Matthew Stevens. To say that I was upset would be an understatement.  


Most people that know me, are very well aware that I am extremely outspoken. I usually say what's on my mind. With that being said, I want to say to Mr. Stevens that without a doubt he has single-handedly made an ass of himself and even worse his employer. He actually took a whole town, a whole way of life, and a culture that is deeply rooted in Louisiana -- and yes even in Mississippi -- and called them less than human and said that they couldn't even speak English. 


Since Mr. Stevens is not a true Southerner let me fill him in on a few details. We in the South are proud that we are different from the rest of the country. We embrace different cultures because that is what makes us unique and totally wonderful.  


We stand when the national anthem is played, we stand up for our neighbors in need, we help each other in times of disasters and we even have our on way of speaking. What we don't need is someone that is ignorant and closed minded trying to say that we are less than human.  


Don't be fooled. If he said that about Lafayette, he has probably said it about some of our good ole "redneck" country boys, that would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it and could catch you lunch and cook for you in no time while all the while making sure you were safe from any harm.  


No, Mr. Stevens I do not believe you are sorry for your words. I believe you are sorry that you were caught saying them. I only wish I had been there when you said them because being a proud part-Louisiana and part-Mississippi girl, I would have slapped you in the face and then turned around and done it again. 


Melanie Corbell 






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