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Voice of the people: Roger Wade




Time for a change 


I am amazed people continue to support Sen. Cochran. Granted, he has done some very good things for our state, and my family has voted for him, until this election. Not any more. Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw Sen. Cochran, on the Senate floor proposing or debating an issue? Have you seen him on news reports, standing up for or against an issue? It's not like there hasn't been a lot going on with the shenanigans of Harry Reid, but I haven't seen or heard any dissenting voice from your beloved Sen. Cochran. It's like he isn't even there. I'm wondering if he spends his days napping in one of the private swanky lounges, leaving his aides to cover for him. 


Other than being crowned "King of Pork" for a number of years (a dubious distinction in my opinion), I can't think of any recent significant achievements. Just because he has been there for a very long time does not mean he is still effective. It seems he has abandoned conservative principles, i.e. balanced budgets, smaller government, less government intervention and a fair tax system. These are things Chris McDaniel advocates, and he can be a positive force and voice for Mississippi and America. He has the energy, ideas, vision and desire to help get our country out of this mess Sen. Cochran helped get us into ($17 trillion-plus in debt) It's past time for the old, ineffective institution to get out of the way and let someone take their place that actually wants to get things done. I hope you will give Chris McDaniel, a chance. He can make Mississippi proud. Please take the time to VOTE! 


Roger Wade 





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