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Voice of the people: Jane Hunt




Time to put aside differences 


The war ... yes, I said "war" ... of the Columbus School Board of Trustees would get the attention of wild cowboys in an old west "shoot-'em-up movie." The word trustee has several meanings and they all describe the trust of the school district to support issues. These issues impact on the excellence of education necessary for our children to attain their highest potential and to become responsible citizens of our beautiful Columbus.  


The sports training center costs are more than adequately covered by the available dollars in the CMSD budget. Perhaps the values of a comprehensive sports program for our children needs to be amplified. Lessons/understanding learned by these students from an excellent sports program are likely to be many of the same lessons learned and used in a lifetime of living. 


What in the world is our CMSD thinking? Are we truly putting the students and schools first? Think about it ... we have an interim school administrator with the highest degree, a proven and successful leader with a record of administrative skills in Columbus schools and good financial practices. These choices are not to over spend, but to spend wisely on our needs, needs that will give all students the very best education.  


She has the highest respect of all parents and the ability to be a true leader of our schools.  


Why do we continue to search for the very best school superintendent when we already have the best, Dr. Edna McGill, who is willing to work for $40,000 less than the amount advertised, enough to hire an additional teacher. She agrees with adding an inside facility for our sports groups and the money saved thereby would pay almost a third of the costs of this, if another teacher is not needed. 


Is now the time to put aside our differences and advance the learning experience for our pupils by working together as a team.  


What do you think? Make your voice heard now. This is your right and privilege. 


Jane Hunt 





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