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Voice of the people: Sanders Weatherby Sr.




Citizen input policy un-American 


In response to the new citizen input policy that was recently passed by the Columbus City Council: We the citizens of Columbus don't want to be led down that un-American path like other foreign countries. 


We don't want our city councilmen to promote totalitarianism by using this new input policy. 


Whoever was the brainchild of this new policy should have thought beforehand about the consequences it will have as it relates to the citizens' right to free speech, especially if it is given in an orderly or refined way. Past experience has shown that even trying to address the councilmen more than three times a year has not produced results. Whether it is because they are hard of hearing or lack interest, I couldn't tell you. 


How can the citizens limit the airing our problems to only three times a year when the problems are still growing and are still being neglected by our city councilmen? Councilmen were elected to take care of these growing problems and look out for public needs, some of which are hazards. The caved-in street and open ditch on 14th Avenue North is a prime example of a neglected area just waiting for an accident to happen, one that could be fatal. 


This new citizen input policy mandates that the person address official government issues. Our citizens have personal local issues and needs our city councilmen need to know about. So don't try to put us in a closet to shut us up. 


Sanders Weatherby Sr. 





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