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Voice of the people: Sidney Runnels




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As a retiree from municipal government and a conservative Christian, I have to speak up. I am deeply concerned about the future of our country, the great state of Mississippi and especially the Golden Triangle area. 


The reality of the U.S. Senate is that those with seniority (having years of experience in the Senate) lead in making important decisions. Do we want to give that away? What does the Golden Triangle stand to gain or lose? 


Our state must be protected, and Sen. Thad Cochran is in the best position to do that. Everything is competitive these days, and Mississippi has more than its share of being on the bottom. Shouldn't we take this opportunity to keep a voice that would be heard on our behalf in Washington? 


The uncertainty of our military bases is frightening. Sen. Cochran has kept our Columbus Air Force Base off the closure list before. Don't you think he will continue to fight for our military bases throughout Mississippi? I hate to think what would happen to the Golden Triangle if the future of the CAFB were to disappear. 


What about our education institutions? Does it make sense to refuse federal funds for Mississippi schools? Look at our institutions of higher learning in the Golden Triangle alone. Conservative estimates indicate Mississippi State University stands to lose 700 jobs if we do not have a strong senator to stand up for us. Plus the training, workforce development and economic development programs at not only MSU, but also Mississippi University for Women and East Mississippi Community College. 


I have no connection with any group or association in this election. I do know of many years of having the support of a strong Thad Cochran in Washington who always fights for us in Mississippi.  


I am against dirty politics, and I know what it is to be attacked for doing what is right for our constituents. Do not believe much of what is being said about Sen. Cochran unless you understand the complexity of Washington. I believe Thad Cochran is an honorable man who fights for us in Mississippi. Won't you join me on Tuesday, June 24 as we do our part in protecting Mississippi's future with a vote for Thad Cochran? 


Sidney Runnels 





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