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Voice of the people: Joe Boggess



City needs to return to five-day workweek 


The article on the city's public works crew productivity study revealing our crews at 45% vs. normal being 88% was thought provoking. Perhaps private contractors could do more for less of the taxpayers' money. Or, maybe the crews could do more work if they worked five days a week for eight hours a day rather than the four-day work week for 10 hours a day they have been doing for the past several years. It's pretty understandable that after eight hours of hot work a fellow just wants to ride in an air-conditioned truck for the last two hours. I believe the city needs to get back to a five-day work week for all employees like every other city. We are not making our best effort as a city if we are only open for business four days a week. 


Joe Boggess 






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