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Voice of the people: Jim W. Hunt




Vote for Cochran on Tuesday 


Tuesday is the run-off election between U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel of the Tea Party. Sen. Cochran has served for years bringing our tax dollars back to Mississippi in the form of Columbus Air Base, research at Miss. State, shipbuilding on the Gulf Coast, (adding jobs to our state) and maintaining seniority for us in Washington. He has funded too many projects to name that have grown our state's economy and research.  


Is it a fact that a freshman senator has zero clout in the U.S. Congress? Our choice is a rematch between a proven senator and a freshman. It is possible that McDaniel believes that he can change Washington, cancel ObamaCare, lead us back to the Constitution, but he has no committee position and the fact is that the Tea Party is questionable at this point, in what it can do. However there is one thing for certain, Chris McDaniel would have a cushy job with cushy retirement for the rest of his life, things most do not have. 


Tuesday, June 24, 2014, each qualified voter has several choices: vote for Cochran, vote for McDaniel, or not vote. Not voting is a decision, as is voting. Thus not voting is giving away your constitutional right as a free citizen. Only 18% of voters in Lowndes County exercised their right to vote in the last election; 82% gave up their right to vote by not voting. 


As young boys that played marbles, we said, "Come to taw," which means come to the line and shoot your best marble. 


Perhaps this is the time when all of our qualified electors need to come to taw and vote. Yes, it is only a run off election but it is a crucial one and our voices need to be heard. 


Have you noticed that our young boys no longer shoot marbles and our young girls no longer skip rope? Should we teach our children these fun games? Do you remember when we thought that voting was a thing of which to be proud? How do you tell your children why you failed to vote? Because unless we do, we cannot articulate our needs and desires for our community nor can we complain when things go wrong. 


Please vote Tuesday! 


Jim W. Hunt 






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