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I was intrigued by your front page article about Chris Howard and Classic Book Radio.  


I am a frequent visitor to Columbus and travel here twice a year from Washington, DC. To make the long 14-hour trip palatable if not pleasant, I listen to audio books. On the way down this time I listened to War and Peace; and have also listened to Updike's Rabbit series, Rohinton Mistry's A Fine Balance, and Ian McEwan's Saturday.  


The audio books are all read by talented, trained, professional actors. Their accents are perfect, their delivery flawless, there understanding of tone and character spot on. Listening in the car offers the best possible environment for audio books for there are no distractions, and long journeys are best.  


I certainly hope that Mr. Howard's enterprise gets off the ground. The idea is excellent, but success will depend on logistics -- matching chapters and episodes with people's schedules and listening habits.  


Thank you for bringing this challenging and worthwhile enterprise to our attention.  


Ronald Parlato 


Washington D.C.



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