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Voice of the people: Scott Enlow




Harvey was a nutria, not a groundhog 


Hey Birney, I just read your short piece titled, Harvey's Last Day. While I do enjoy your articles, I don't always agree with your opinions of things. It is never really serious, and I have never felt the need to write and dispute you on anything. Sorry, but after reading this article I just can't help myself. 


Groundhogs are kind of cute, and like a raccoon or beaver, they are not bad to eat if cooked by a qualified person. The big problem with groundhogs is they are quite troublesome. In town they destroy flowerbeds and yards and in the country they leave holes in pasture land that can break a cow or a horse's leg.  


In my garden they have destroyed tons of cabbage, kale, collards and other greens. They really love Italian lacinato kale. They are cute but they are cute vermin.  


All that aside, if you will examine the photo of poor old Harvey you will notice his long rat like tail, squared off muzzle and long legs. These are not the traits of a groundhog, which has a short hairy tail, short legs and a round face. Poor old Harvey is in fact a nutria that probably was wandering up from Moore's Creek to eat some poor citizens' flowers. I think their native home is Argentina and maybe Brazil. Maybe he was a spy and was sent here to infiltrate the soccer complex and spy on our future soccer stars? Just trying to keep you straight on the important things and to have some fun at the same time. 


Take care, my friend. 


Scott Enlow 




Enlow and his wife Lydia own and run Black Creek Farms.



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