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Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




Primary voting and comic book propaganda 


Slim Smith should know a few things. First of all, in this state we don't necessarily vote for a candidate as much as we vote against one, so his reasoning is perfectly sound. Also, in Mississippi, at least in Noxubee County, it is perfectly acceptable for Democrats to vote in Republican primaries, to try and help elect the weakest candidate so the Democrat candidate gets a better chance, but it is a capital offense punishable by hanging if a Republican votes in a Democrat primary. 


The Tea Party has some good aims, such as reducing the debt, but we didn't get in this financial mess overnight, or even in one president's term, and we won't get out of it that quickly either. It will take both parties working together to keep America from going belly up.  


Right now the Democrat party doesn't care if America is destroyed by reckless financial policies as long as those policies "buy" them votes from illegal aliens, poor blacks, homosexuals, or whichever little big-mouthed special interest group has the bullhorn at the moment. We can't help anybody (think tens of thousands of illegal Latino children on our border being shipped at taxpayer expense to other states without the states being notified they're coming). 


The comic book "Archie" was never my favorite, In fact, I didn't care much for any comic books after I got past the first few grades in school. Now Archie is going to die by being killed while trying to help his friend, the first openly gay politician in comics. His friend is being assassinated and Archie gets whacked.  


They are indoctrinating children on at least two fronts. One, being gay is OK. I don't care if people are homosexual or not, as long as they don't shove it in my face and try to get it down my throat. That should have no bearing on what kind of job they do as public servants or any other vocation. 


Two, in the comic they are preaching gun control. 


Gun control is not about safety for the masses, but more power for the government, and criminals. (That's not redundant, is it?) Cartoons in general aren't entertaining and amusing any more. The few I've glimpsed while channel surfing are filled with violence and hatred and evil.  


America is definitely not better off in many ways compared to the times when I was a child. 


Cameron Triplett 





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