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Voice of the people: Robin Thompson




Regarding Sunday's botched executions article  


C'mon. This guy got where he was because he committed a heinous crime with no consideration for the two people he killed. He lived ~25 more years than they did, which is just plain wrong on all counts, and the bleeding hearts are concerned about how he's executed? As much sedation as he had, it's not likely he was aware of anything, so the execution wasn't botched, it just wasn't quick. Someone mentions the word "botched" and the media jump on the drama bandwagon.  


If the lawyers don't have the stomach to watch it, they shouldn't. Why are they there anyway? Family and victims' family should be the only ones there and those who were, had no complaints. 


Why this has been relegated to a medical procedure anyway, is beyond me. Chemicals affect everyone differently, unpredictably. Bullets, not so much. Firing squads are quick and easy, cheaper and leave less room for unwarranted drama. Justice needs to be real and it needs to be quick, and the media need to keep out of it. 


Robin Thompson  





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